PicoCluster Pico 10 w/Raspberry Pi 4 8GB

PicoCluster Pico 10 w/Raspberry Pi 4 8GB

PicoCluster Pico 20 w/Raspberry Pi 4 8GB


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PicoCluster Pico 20 w/Raspberry Pi 4 8GB
PicoCluster Pico 20 w/Raspberry Pi 4 8GB

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    The Raspberry Pi 4 requires about double the power of the Raspberry Pi 3B+ to run optimally and so will only be available as an H model. The new design will be somewhat different than the current H model and will use a new, custom built PDU from PicoCluster.

    The Advanced Kit and Assembled Cube come with the 8GB board. You can use any of the boards in the Starter Kit.

    The Raspberry Pi 3B+ will remain available in it's current forms as less expense and less powerful models.

    The Pico 5 is our most popular model! It now comes in multiple flavors to better suit your budget. The Pico 5 Raspberry Pi 4 is designed to cluster 5 Raspberry Pi 4 boards together to run a variety of software from web servers and database, to Big Data and NoSQL software. One of our most popular uses is with container managers like Docker Swarm or Kubernetes.

    Model Pico 5H
    Version High Power
    Switch 8 port gigabit
    Power Internal
    60mm Fan Included

    The memory cards are imaged with the standard PicoCluster Cluster Image Set. The Image set can be upgrade with an Application Image Set like Hadoop, or additional Application Image Sets can be purchase separately.

    PicoCluster Kits and Cubes

    Starter Kit - This kit contains all components required to build a PicoCluster except the SBC boards or optional micro SD cards for storage.
    Advanced Kit - This kit contains everything in the Starter Kit but also contains SBC boards.
    Assembled Cube - This is the fully assembled product. In additional to assembly, it is burned in for at least 4 hours.
    More Information
    RAM 8GB
    Product Type Kit
    Compatible with Raspberry Pi 4
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