MakerBright Fulfillment Services

Are you or your organization looking to access the North American market? MakerBright makes it easy to do so!

How does MakerBright Fulfillment work?

  1. Send inventory to our facility located near Miami, FL. 
  2. Integrate your sales channels with us for automated order fulfillment and notifications. 
  3. Make sales through any sales channel you like - including (but not limited to) Amazon, eBay, Newegg and Tindie.
  4. Tracking numbers will be sent and orders automatically be confirmed in the sales channel.
  5. We bill monthly for cost of shipping plus fulfillment fee. 


  1. Fully automated from initial order to tracking submission.*
  2. Access to the US market with low cost domestic shipping.
  3. More sales from US customers without international shipping. 
  4. Low cost, fully-tracked shipping to 33 international countries.

Which sales channels does MakerBright integrate with?

Quite a few! Here are some of our most popular integrations. Inquire with us if you don't see yours!

Tindie Logo

Tindie is our newest integration! It is nearly fully automated with the only manual step of confirming tracking information in the Tindie dashboard. 

Full integration from order receipt to tracking confirmation is available at the following channels for an automated experience!

Amazon Logo ebay logo Shopify Logo
Newegg Logo PayPal Logo
Stripe Logo Etsy Logo Wix Logo

Let's Work Together!

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* Sales channels are fully automated except for Tindie, which is fully automated up until tracking submission.