You can never have too much Raspberry Pi - or could you?

If you have an older (but working!) Raspberry Pi 3 Model B or later laying around collecting dust, a drawerful of spares, or a business upgrading, MakerBright will recycle them for you and give you a $10 credit per working board! 

How does it work? Easy!

  1. Check to make sure your Raspberry Pi works and in good overall condition. A bend GPIO pin or oxidized 3.5mm jack is alright. A mal/non-functioning board is not. 
  2. Check out with the appropriate listing below. Be sure to register with us so we can apply a credit to your account!
  3. MakerBright will send you a prepaid USPS to ship your board to us.
  4. We check the boards received weekly so it may take a few days after receipt for the credit to appear. 

What does MakerBright do with my Pi?

There are a whole lot of organizations that can benefit from the Raspberry Pi - schools, clubs and camps to name a few. Many times the latest Raspberry Pi is not necessary to run classes and tight budgets can be stretched with some previously loved Pi. Our teams in the US, Central America and South America work with local organizations to spread learning to areas that can use it the most. 

My organization would benefit from Pi-Cycled gear! How do we order?

Great! Let's work together to get you the right component(s) for your organization. Fill out the contact form below and we'll be in touch.